Burned Pots:

Cut 2 lemons into eights, but you can cut them into quarters or slices....

as long as you end up with enough pieces to cover the bottom of the pan. Add enough water to cover the whole burnt bottom of the pan.

It's no use trying to cover the lemons - they float! As long as the burnt area is covered, the lemons will do their job. Bring the water to a rolling boil. You can even see the burnt specks coming off the bottom of the pot as the lemons swam around.

After you dump out the lemons and dirty water, You will be left with a thin brown layer on the bottom of the pot. All you have to do is scrub it lightly with a brush, and all the leftover grime will fall away.

A few rinses later, and your crud-caked pot will be as good as new! Now, wasn't that easier than scrubbing with steel wool till your fingers are raw?